Tree collapse after typhoon

A Bug Out, aka Hurricane Evacuation

Greetings to all our friends. We missed you last week and we have been thinking of you. Some of you have had the fun-filled excitement of leaving your home due to Mother Nature, some haven’t. We have now experienced first hand a hurricane evacuation. I don’t recommend it. Neither the hurricane or the evacuation, try to avoid both. Our adventure started with loading a few days of necessary items into the RV. I packed four days of clothes, food and water, medicine and important documents. I also packed the plastic box of dry dog food and their food and water bowls. Loaded the dogs and their … Continue reading A Bug Out, aka Hurricane Evacuation

Smooth Sailing SundaysLinky Party (2)

Smooth Sailing Sunday Linky Party October 2, 2016

Boo!! Happy October and Happy Halloween to all our friends. We would like to invite you to our Smooth Sailing Sunday Link up Party. Link up to 3 products, free and paid products are always welcome. Visit Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers for more great Teacher Resources. Thank you for stopping by. Comments and Suggestions are always welcome. Continue reading Smooth Sailing Sunday Linky Party October 2, 2016

Boom Learning

Gone with the Boom! Boom Learning!

Gone, are the days of the late night scissor fest, cutting endless yards of laminted task cards for students, classroom centers and small groups. Gone, are the weekends around the table, cutting that clear laminate. Gone, are the hours of standing infront of the hot smelly laminator. That terminator of productive after classroom time can’t frustrate me any longer. No more hoping that I have scissors at home, and they haven’t been liberated by the middle schooler. Wow, I should have bought stock in the company that makes scissors. Boom Learning makes days of waiting to use the copier and laminator gone for good! I don’t have … Continue reading Gone with the Boom! Boom Learning!

Funny retro car with surfboard and suitcases on a beach with palms. Unusual summer travel illustration

Is it over yet? When is the last day of school?

Well. It just isn’t fair. I had all these wonderful plans to beach party, bar b que party, pool party. Sleep late, have brunch maybe with a mimosa or two. Shower and dress for my planned activity of the day. And now its over. And it isn’t fair either. My summer days filled with fun and relaxation have passed in the puff of school bus exhaust. Gone are planned days of all the sun and fun-filled days of summer. I can’t pose in my favorite position to watch the afternoon soap, or keep up with who has done what on Facebook. All of those activities are … Continue reading Is it over yet? When is the last day of school?

making good choices

Making Good Choices. Always a good choice.

Its the first day back to school for many teachers and assistants. For students, it could be their first day of school with friends from the neighborhood, or maybe its their first day in a new community and have not met many friends. Making Good Choices at School is a PowerPoint Presentation for making good choices can help both new comers and neighborhood veterans on the first week of school. Making Good Choices is a Classroom Management activity that will bring some of the current behavior expectation out as well as helping define what is acceptable classroom and playground behavior. Visit our store at Learning Harbor … Continue reading Making Good Choices. Always a good choice.