Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Can you believe May is here?  Will you be celebrating Cinco de Mayo in your classroom?  Here are some book suggestions for reading to students.

Marco’s Cinco de Mayo (Cloverleaf Books – Holidays and Special Days)

Apr 1, 2012by Lisa Bullard and Holli Conger

Cinco de Mouse-O! (Mouse (Holiday House))

Nov 1, 2010by Judy Cox and Jeffrey Ebbeler

Chicks and Salsa

May 15, 2007by Aaron Reynolds and Paulette Bogan

During the week of Cinco de Mayo, I like to use my Subtraction Facts within 10 – Cinco de Mayo theme.  This puzzle set is easily differentiated for your students.  It is a large packet, just choose and print the puzzles that you need for your students.


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