What Would You do if You Had the Time?

When I was looking through photographs to find inspiration for this week’s blog, I found the photo above. My daughters had this game and they loved it. The especially enjoyed it when I played with them. As they grew older, my daughters and I played many different board games. My favorite was an kind of trivia game. My daughters are grown and married now, but they still enjoy playing board games.

I know that summer is a busy time for teachers. Many teachers teach summer school or work at part time jobs. For a little over two years, I taught full time and worked Saturdays and Sundays at a Disney Store. I loved both jobs, but I could only work seven days a week for so long.

If I had a magic wand, I would give all teachers the gift of time.
Time to:
Play games with your children.
Paint and make a mess.
Sing loudly and enjoy it.
Walk along a beach.
Play with a pet.
Catch up with an old friend.
Travel whether you like 5 Star Hotels or camping, or somewhere in between.
Spend time outdoors.
Listen to your favorite music.
Watch a movie.
Read a book for your own enjoyment.
Read with your children.
Keep a journal.
Run, ride a bike, do yoga.
Have a massage.
Eat your favorite dessert.
Go shopping.
Enjoy the hobby you have, or start a new hobby.
Do whatever makes you happy!

One thought on “What Would You do if You Had the Time?

  1. Great wishes for teachers…THe magic wand is a great idea…just imagine what we could get done…BTW I LOVED Hungry Hungry Hippo!!!


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