Memorial Day

American Flag

Memorial Day is a difficult topic for young children to grasp.  Here are some books that may make teaching about Memorial Day easier.

Memorial Day for Kids by Natalie De Marco 

Memorial Day For Children!: The Inspiring Story of the Special Day When We Remember the Heroes Who Died Fighting For America by Russ Stevens

The Children’s Book of Memorial Day: The Fascinating Story of Memorial Day and How We Honor the Heroes Who Died for the United States by Roger Winters

My dad was in the U.S. Navy during WWII.   He served in the Construction Battalion, which was nicknamed the Sea Bees.  When I was a little girl, I loved listening to all his stories about being in the navy.  My dad loves his country and believes in patriotism. He taught me to do these things as well.  I always think about my dad on Memorial Day.  Remembering our service men and women is what Memorial Day is meant to be about.

Memorial Day is also a time when many families get together.  My dad is one of 12 children.  His living brothers and sister and all of their families have a family reunion each Memorial Day Weekend.  I live too far away to attend now, but I do remember attending these reunions, held at a state park in S.C. during my childhood.  They were always fun and memorable events.

If you have veterans or active duty military in your family, I would encourage you to have your children write letters to them.  Help your child build a connection to their relatives in service.  Those letters that your children write will be treasured by those who receive them.


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