Are PowerPoint games effective?

Are PowerPoint games effective when used for Math and English Language Arts instruction in elementary class rooms? I believe that high quality PowerPoint games are engaging to students and provide many benefits when used in the elementary classroom.

I have created and used PowerPoint games in the classroom and also with students that I have tutored. I have used PowerPoint games in whole class, small groups and one on one with students.

Here are the benefits that I have found when using PowerPoint.
• Children are engaged by PowerPoint games and presentations.
• By using clipart, the games can be tailored to your students’ interests.
• Multiple learning styles can be engaged by PowerPoint games, especially
if students use clickers or answer questions on individual wipe off
• Students enjoy playing the games more than once.
• PowerPoint presentations can be used with individual or small groups of
students and by paraprofessionals with students.
• After being introduced to students in whole class or small groups, the
PowerPoint game or presentation can be used by students independently in
the classroom as long as students have access to a computer.

In order to use a PowerPoint game effectively with whole class or small groups, interactive with and monitor the students while using the game. Have students answer questions on an individual wipe off board. The answers will be quick and easy to monitor.
Do you use PowerPoint games with your students? What do you like about using PowerPoint games?

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