Great TpT Conference, Bad News Return

We had a fantastic time at the TpT Conference in Orlando. Meeting so many wonderful people made the conference even better. The presentations and seminars provided a lot of ideas and useful information. We have already made the decision to go next year.

I am writing this blog post by using a hot spot on my phone.  Sadly, upon our return home, we found that we have no internet service. It seems a that a thunder storm or other unsolved cosmic mystery caused the outage.  When we called to report the outage, the provider said a repair person would be at our home on Monday between 8 and 10.  I have a feeling I should have asked which Monday and is the time am or pm.  Oh well, we will know more tomorrow.

Our 4 dogs were very happy to see us. They ran around the house, around the yard, around the car, around each other. They then barked until they were fed and took a nap. Unpacking was postponed until the travel fatigue passed.

Whew! glad to be home.  Glad we went. Darn that internet thingy.  Will keep you posted on the repair process.  Greg and Cheryl

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