New Hair Tonic or a Back Seat Driver.

Howdy trip 2aRoad Trip!  We have completed our trek to Saluda SC. Home town to Alamo defenders Travis and Bonham. We had a great visit with family and friends. Saluda is a small town and it is kind of cool learning all about the local gentry. Who has done what to whom, when it took place and who was there when it happened.

The travel time isn’t too bad, 7 hours on the road. In the first hour smiling and happy for the adventure. Remembering when we would travel with the kids and the questions asked, “Are we there yet?  When can we stop?”

We don’t have kids to take with us but we have dogs. I refer to them as my posse. Where I go they follow. What I work on, they help. This trip I loaded the posse in the RV. Three dachshunds and a one year old beagle and away we went. We stopped for food and water and of course bathroom break. Deep into the 6th hour I began to have a strange feeling, almost like I was being watched. Closely.  A strange sensation on top of my head accompanied with a weird odor. I looked up to see the throat and chin of Howdy, the drooling Beagle slobbering on my head and neck. I couldn’t get him off the back of the seat. My co-pilot Cheryl was more interested in taking pictures and laughing.

During the last 30 minutes of the drive I was asking myself Are we there yet? When can we stop?  I haven’t had a back seat driver in many years and I haven’t tried Beagle drool for hair restoration. I wouldn’t recommend either. Next trip is being planned and the plan includes an Anti Hair Tonic Drool head-gear.


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