Back to School made easier with BOOM!

Best Back to School News Ever …

Just in time for back to school, I’ve been turning resources into self-grading Boom Cards™ resources for you. No need to print, cut, or laminate.

Check out my store. My resource Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers is a great place to find easy to use K – 2 activites.

No Printing! No Copying! No Laminating! No Cutting! Interactive learning that is ready to go! That is what we love about BOOM!

With tools similar to those you find in presentation software, you create interactive worksheets, task cards, mini-books, and more. I love that images can be answers and that I create fill in the blank, multiple choice, and multiple response (and all in the same deck). You can even include video.

Whether you need ready made or like to DIY, I hope you will try Boom Learning. The time savings are amazing! If you are using tablets you can find Boom Cards on the App Store® and Google Play™.

App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. Boom Cards and Boom Learning are trademarks of Boom Learning Inc.

Self-grading mini-apps. By teachers. For teachers. #boomlearning, #backtoschool, #teachermade, #interactivelearning, #paperless

Additional Resources you can Use

You may already know Boom Learning by another name, Omega Labs, from their award winning app Mathtopia+™, one of only 50 apps ever to be awarded 5 stars by Smart Apps for Kids.

Boom Learning is brought to you the Omega Labs team of Eric and Mary Oemig with the generous support of Rachel Lynette. Senator Eric Oemig was instrumental in passing landmark education reform in the State of Washington. He is a former CTO of two startups and is CEO of Boom Learning. Mary has founded and ran an educational cooperative and regularly volunteers in the classroom so she can learn what real teachers need. She is also an attorney who practice privacy and intellectual property law. Rachel is founder of Minds in Bloom™, author of over 120 non-fiction children’s books, all-time top three seller on Teachers Pay Teachers®.

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