Clean up on Back to School Aisle

Well isn’t this a fine mess? I repeated a life lesson this past week. I decided to go in Wal-Mart for something I believed was a crucial necessity. I unknowingly walked past the Back to School Aisle and was stunned at the melee that was in full swing. All the shoving, crying, pushing. Cursing under the breath, swearing and threats. This was from the people trying to get on the Back to School Aisle. On the aisle it looked like hand to hand combat was going on combined with WWE crowd shouting and chanting.

I began to reverse course after seeing the seriousness of the shoppers and hearing the sobs and weeping of the small children who didn’t get the scented markers that supposedly smell like something or the notebook with the cute little puppy / kitten (readers choice) was sold out. Horrible wailing and gnashing of teeth. Just horrible.

I made the decision to go around and pick up the single item I had sojourned for. Several yards away and out of sight of the Back to School shoppers I encountered a few employees, curious to know, I ask who had to restock or resupply the shelves over there.  All three gave out a wicked chuckle and begin to chant “Billy Billy Billy.”  Billy is new and hasn’t yet tasted the excitement of a stressed parent(s) whose child didn’t get what was on “THE List”. I thought this was strange behavior of the employees but didn’t hang around to see Billy or what may happen when he shows up with fresh supplies.

I found the item I wanted and went to the check out. A large part of the crowd from the Back to School Aisle had moved over to check out. There in the check out line the threats and cursing continued, this time it was directed at the school administration and or teachers. I sincerely wanted to pay and leave. When I did complete my transaction and on my way out the door I passed a few families who seemed to have given up and were seated with a glazed look, staring out into space.

I recall my life lesson, and I must say that won’t forget, never ever. Happy Back to School and have a fun-filled year.

Kindly yours


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