Is it over yet? When is the last day of school?

Well. It just isn’t fair. I had all these wonderful plans to beach party, bar b que party, pool party. Sleep late, have brunch maybe with a mimosa or two. Shower and dress for my planned activity of the day. And now its over. And it isn’t fair either.

My summer days filled with fun and relaxation have passed in the puff of school bus exhaust. Gone are planned days of all the sun and fun-filled days of summer. I can’t pose in my favorite position to watch the afternoon soap, or keep up with who has done what on Facebook. All of those activities are put off until this evening when I finish cleaning up this classroom, grading those papers, answering emails, meeting with parents and grand parents and step parents about the brilliant academic future and career of THE CHILD. And then to my home and to do all those things expected.

The wonderful day and weekend trips to those places this summer, I remember each minute of the trip. The travel there and wondering where in the world my fellow travelers came up with the nerve to dress like that. Arriving and seeing all the unwashed masses and I recall reading this would be a quiet and relaxing out-of-the-way destination. What happened? And where did all these people come from? And that person over there needs more clothes.

It really isn’t fair. I keep thinking just (fill in the blank) days until winter break and then the count down begins. I want to get my calendar out, circle the last day of school in bold bright colors, with a little flower next to the date.  Please someone tell me is it over yet? When is the Last Day of School?



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