Gone with the Boom! Boom Learning!

Gone, are the days of the late night scissor fest, cutting endless yards of laminted task cards for students, classroom centers and small groups. Gone, are the weekends around the table, cutting that clear laminate. Gone, are the hours of standing infront of the hot smelly laminator. That terminator of productive after classroom time can’t frustrate me any longer. No more hoping that I have scissors at home, and they haven’t been liberated by the middle schooler. Wow, I should have bought stock in the company that makes scissors. Boom Learning makes days of waiting to use the copier and laminator gone for good!

I don’t have to ambush the family with several pairs of scissors and a hay bail sized pile of laminted cards that need to be cut out. We can sit at the dinner table and enjoy some family conversation. No whinning and pleading for someone to help cut out these cute little pieces. “Puulllleeeezzee, if you help me I will do something nice for you.” That’s right, you heard it here. Boom Learning gives your evenings and weekends back.

How, you may ask is this possible? Boom Learning made it possible! Just open your account with Boom Learning. Select your favorite author, Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers for example. Look over the different activites offered, purchase and teach. These activites can be used in centers, small groups or assigned to individual students.

Making your school day better is what Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers is all about. With Boom Learning your activites are ready in a snap.  No prep and you can access the activities anywhere you have internet.

Want to know the best part? No Copying, No Laminating, No Cutting, and more time for teaching and being with family and friends.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Comments or questions are always welcome.


Greg & Cheryl


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