A Bug Out, aka Hurricane Evacuation

Greetings to all our friends. We missed you last week and we have been thinking of you. Some of you have had the fun-filled excitement of leaving your home due to Mother Nature, some haven’t. We have now experienced first hand a hurricane evacuation. I don’t recommend it. Neither the hurricane or the evacuation, try to avoid both.

Our adventure started with loading a few days of necessary items into the RV. I packed four days of clothes, food and water, medicine and important documents. I also packed the plastic box of dry dog food and their food and water bowls. Loaded the dogs and their leashes, now I am good to travel.

My wife thought she may need 12 pairs of shoes, about 85 pounds of books, two pictures from the dining room wall carefully wrapped in blankets. She also needed 4 days of clothes, several coffee cups, a queen size bag of makeup, a laptop, cellphone and iPad,as well as the chargers for each.

We traveled away from the storm to a pet friendly camp ground. The place was beautiful with lots of shade trees and a few shady people. There was even a duck pond. One of the dogs decided to show off to the other campers by doing a long distance leap into the duck pond. If he had been wearing a cape it would have looked like Super Hero Canine leaping to save lives and protect children from those wild and crazy ducks.

After we arrived home, oh my. Clean up began in earnest. I didn’t realize it would take a week to get everything back in place and all of the tree limbs out of the yard. No house damage, but lots of yard work and catch up to do.

Have a fun and enjoy your week.



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