I knew that I wanted to be a teacher the year that I was in third grade.  During my career as an elementary teacher, I taught grades K – Four.  After 32 years of teaching, I retired and live in Florida.   I have a deep desire to keep learning and stay on top of things in the world of education. I have a MEd. in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. I combine what I have learned through experience with new ideas, and use this in creating products for our store Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Some facts about me:

My husband and I have four children who are all adults now.
We have 3 daschunds Jack, Doc and Lady. Our newest addition is a beagle named          Howdy. They are our nearest relatives. I grew up in SC and taught there for 19

     years. I love to read, and all things Disney. I enjoy going to the beach and love the
     ocean. I have cruised to the Caribbean and my favorite island is Grand Cayman.
     I attended the first ever teachers Pay Teacher conference in Las Vegas.
     I am a cancer survivor and a terrible cook, but luckily my husband is a great cook.
I enjoy consulting with my husband, helping him create products for our Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers store at Teachers Pay Teachers.
     I hope you will enjoy my blog.   It is a work in progress and I hope you will follow me on this adventure!