Frozen Letters from Santa

This is a great, classroom tested, writing activity to do early in December. Cheryl used this many years in her kindergarten and first grade classes. The students LOVED it!

Read the students a book about Santa Claus.  Ask the students if there is anything they would like to know about Santa Claus. Explain that each child can ask one question about what he wants to know.  Asking for gifts or toys is not allowed in this activity. The teacher gives an example such as “What is your favorite kind of cookie?” or “Where do the reindeer sleep?”  Help students brainstorm their own ideas.  While the students draw pictures of their ideas, have one child at a time come up and tell you his question.  Write the question on chart paper and have the student sign his name.  Take up the pictures.

After school, type up and print the questions.  The next day, tell the students that you are going to mail the list of questions and the pictures that they drew to Santa.

Write a letter from Santa to each child answering his question.  For example, Dear Rachel, Thank you for writing me. Gingerbread cookies are my favorite. Love, Santa.

Put the letters in a post office mailer.  The special Christmas ones make this even more fun. Put the mailer in a plastic bag and put your bag in your freezer for a few days.

On the last day before Winter break, take the mailer to school a small cooler or insulated bag. Have a parent volunteer or a member of the office staff bring the cold mailer to your classroom.  Students will love that and Santa has answered everyone’s question individually and the letters had to come from Santa because they are still cold.

What is your favorite activity to use in December?  Answer in the comments below.

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